Alex Hain and Jess Pigott

12th October, 2016

It’s not long now before we launch our second exhibition, “Continuance”, for Jess Pigott and Alex Hain, two young talents of the British contemporary art scene. You may recall that we held their first hugely successful exhibition in early 2015. Jess’ work typified by large paintings with the central subject being a study of tree forms, and Alex with his very individual work based around children and the concept of family.

It’s been wonderful to see how both have progressed since that time, and a trip to their studios in Bath and Selkirk to choose work for this exhibition was a real joy. We’ll be exhibiting twenty three works by Jess and fifteen by Alex. Three for each can be seen, as a sneak preview, HERE. and their latest blog entries, as they head towards the exhibition, for Jess HERE and for Alex HERE

Of the twenty three paintings by Jess, all but two are small exquisite works, incorporating oil, collage and ink on many; a real move on from her 2015 exhibition work. Alex has also moved on. He’s exploring the genesis of art, from children drawing on the ground, to interpretations of a child’s view of world around them. Also, as you’ll see, anyone who’s despaired as their toddler has wailed away in-pushchair will empathise with The Scream.

Full details of the exhibition works will be released in the next couple of weeks, with works physically on walls and exhibition doors flung open on Saturday 5th November.

We’re also in the process of photographing two full new collections of pots from John Stroomer and Jim Malone; watch the website for details. We’ll also have some exciting news about the wonderful pottery of the late Edward Hughes, although we may keep that properly to ourselves until the end of November… Decisions decisions.

Steve and Christine 

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