A Winter Showing

24th November, 2016

Our ever-changing winter exhibition is live HERE and will be on show in the gallery from Monday, with much to see, including the ceramics, from this Saturday. This will be a show that will bring forth new work on a weekly basis, so keep watching! 

We have a huge array of art and pottery on show; works from the likes of Richard Fitton (including an astounding first print etching), Helen Fryer, Donald Wilkinson, Chris Rigby, Ceri Allen, Michael Bennett (including the most astounding large painting by Mike, take a look), Sheila Fell and Martin Greenland sharing space with pottery from Jim Malone, John Stroomer, William Plumptre and importantly we can announce, the late Edward Hughes.

Many of you will know of the work of Edward; he was a hugely talented man and one of the few within the UK Studio Pottery movement that spent time learning his craft in Japan, the underlying inspiration for the genre.  We are extremely proud to be working with Edward’s family in bringing previously unseen works to the gallery, in what is planned on being a long term partnership. A more detailed biography may be seen on the exhibition link, clickable at his section of the exhibition.

Don’t forget, all works above £100 may be purchased using the Arts Council OwnArt or OwnArt Plus schemes (depends on how much you want to spend, the latter goes to £25,000. Sheila Fell anyone??).

All for now,

Steve and Christine  

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