A Summer Selection

20th July, 2020

An exhibition of new work and gallery favourites

It's time for a rehang and a new array of works (at least from this coming weekend). We've been very active sourcing new pieces over the past few weeks, some of which we have now and some are secured and to come as we work through August. We'll be exhibiting many alongside some of our favourite pieces sourced earlier in the lockdown-era, including works by Sheila Fell (RA), Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach, all may be seen HERE 

Chris Rigby - performance observations

We're thrilled to have received fifteen wonderful paintings and drawings from Chris Rigby. Chris' body of work centres around performance, with exquisite and intriguing depictions of theatre productions, dance competitions and music events, some of which have even been created atop of the performance poster or flyer. Chris really is an exceptionally talented and hugely versatile contemporary artist. 

The sea and the land

Also sourced are land and seascapes from Alistair Tucker and Sarah Carrington. Both Alistair and Sarah go back with Castlegate over many years, in Sarah's case all the way to her graduation show at Edinburgh University in 1999.

We've also obtained two new works by the late John Bellany (RA) from a private collection as well a wonderfully "alive" landscape painting by Frederick Gore (RA)

Tom McGuinness and much more

We were also thrilled very recently to have obtained three paintings by the late Tom McGuinness. Tom was a compatriot of Norman Cornish, both having been miners and both "graduates" of the Spennymoor Settlement art classes in their hometown. Both men were the only ones of that genre to have turned professional and both had long and successful careers. It's rare to come across work by Tom and as said, we were thrilled to have obtained three from a private collection to replace the two we sold very recently. 

In the weeks to come we'll have additional works coming into the gallery, including pieces by Ben Nicholson and Joan Eardley, as well as contemporary work by Rebecca Swainston. Additionally two very important pieces by Jenny Saville (RA) and Grayson Perry (RA) will also be coming to the gallery, both to be the subject of specific video productions. Keep a regular eye open, both on our website and social media, if it's something you use, we'll be updating the website and the likes of Instagram by the week/day. 

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