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Castlegate House Gallery

A Spring Selection

21st April, 2015

Border County by Helen Fryer Border County by Helen Fryer

Taking us through to the Summer months, and in the run up to our A Day in the Life exhibition starting on June 13th, we have our Spring Selection http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibitions/a-spring-selection/ an ever changing mix of work by some of our favourite artists, including new work by Helen Fryer and Alistair Tucker, amongst many others. Additional new work will be added regularly, so keep an eye out.

We closed the doors on our New Talent exhibition at the weekend, and what a result! We're thrilled for both Alex and Jess, and you'll be seeing more of them in future, with new work regularly coming in to the gallery, and a second exhibition planned for 2016. We sold paintings to all corners of the UK, and the reception their work received from visitors to the gallery was wonderful, and I'm sure hugely encouraging for them both. I doubt very much, this time last year, they'd have believed they'd be appearing on the BBC and with their paintings adorning homes across the UK. Just brilliant.

Finally, as a "heads-up", the hugely talented potter Ivar Mackay, who we exhibit and who has shown at some of the premier UK metropolitan art galleries, is retiring from the world of potting. His porcelain art forms will, I'm sure, be very much missed. We have had discussions with Ivar and will be the proud recipient of his final ever batch of work to be released for sale. To be received towards the end of May, it will prove to be an important last showing for a premier potter. More details to follow in due course.

All for now,
Steve and Christine