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6th October, 2018

Contrast and Compare


Our next solo exhibition will be from the highly talented Helen Fryer, charting the year following her return to West Cumbria; all that will take place in November (10th onward), however until then we have some wonderful new work adorning the gallery. We've curated works by three very different artists, namely Eileen Cooper (RA), Richard Fitton and Louis Appleby. All may be seen HERE.

Eileen Cooper (RA)

Eileen, a senior Royal Academician and OBE (and truly lovely lady) is at the peak (to date) of her career and we continue to be thrilled to be working with her. The full array of Eileen's work may be seen HERE. New works include a number of unique collages created from equally unique wood and lino-cuts and an incredibly affordable way to obtain a unique work by such a high profile and well respected artist 

Richard Fitton, developing

Richard Fitton is a hugely talented artist we've been working with now for three years. This is a fascinating body of new work which charts his development in both subject but also treatment of paint; you'll see much less impasto in this body compared with prior works/exhibitions; we find his London St Pancras series very powerful and a real departure from his past work 

Louis Appleby

Finally, Louis Appleby, current MA student of the Royal College and lauded commercially and critically. When people ask us who they should "watch", Louis is always on that list; talented and unique, two elements which go a long way. All of Louis' work may be seen HERE.

Our next newsletter will cover more about Helen's forthcoming exhibition plus some news about gallery staffing changes; hold your breath! 

Steve and Christine