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21st January, 2014

Peter Turnbull Peter Turnbull
Doug Fitch Doug Fitch

We've been busy in the three weeks since our last news letter. As promised, lots of new work is arriving into the gallery. Some of it is here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/new-work/ including new paintings by Peter Turnbull, Chris Rigby and Alan Stones, together with new wonderful ceramics by Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew, two slipware potters really at the top of their game. Indeed, so much has arrived from Doug and Hannah that the full array can be seen better on their web pages (too much to swamp the New Work section !). Doug here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/doug-fitch/  and Hannah here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/hannah-mcandrew/

Coming soon will be some additional wonderful pottery from William Plumptre and paintings from Helen Fryer (the former now in the kiln and the latter at the framers). We're also speaking with two collectors about acquiring a number of works by Percy Kelly and Bill Bell, so January isn't exactly panning out as a quiet month at the gallery!

All for now,
Steve and Christine