A 3D 360 degree tour of the gallery

18th September, 2021

Whilst the physical doors open today to our major exhibition, Norman Cornish, Behind the Scenes Revealed, we've made it easy for those of you too far away to visit to enjoy doing so digitally with a 360 degree 3D click and wander experience. You may view it towards the top of the exhibition page or directly from this link HERE

Whilst no replacement for an actual in-the-flesh visit, it does allow a very good walk around the exhibition, zooming into the works and seeing them in a hung context. 

The exhibition runs until Friday 8th October with the gallery open each week until then from Wednesday to Saturday inclusive. 

As an aside, we were recently approached by the wonderful charity The Cumbria Community Foundation. They asked if we would host a small private viewing of the exhibition on the evening of Friday 1st October, 6-8pm, for some of their patrons and supporters. This we gladly agreed to but I also offered to open the invitation out to our own clients and visitors. So, should any of you have an interest, please do contact Caroline Adams at [email protected] by 24th Sept for more details. 

Hope to see many of you at the gallery over the next three weeks (and beyond). 

Steve and Christine

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