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The Studio that Got Away

9th August, 2014

This week I went through the agony of finding and losing a studio. Yep, this is about the studio that I never had. For an artist, the space in which you create work is hugely important and personal; everyone has their own materials and equipment that is unique to them. In my experience, artists are pretty precious about this space, wherever it may be.

The studio that got away was in South London, a ten minute commute from my flat. It was an interesting space with lots of character and beautiful light – with three skylights and two windows. It was part of a larger complex of studios that had been renovated from an old Victorian warehouse, so there was a diverse and friendly community of people that made the whole place feel lively, yet quiet and peaceful. I couldn’t fault it. I fell in love with it. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but those little problems I see now were irrelevant at the time.

It is difficult not to get attached or too caught up when you have so much invested in something like this, and I am learning this the hard way. For me, this studio meant having somewhere to go; a structure and a routine to restore some normality; having a space to make work, to get stuck in to painting - that was the way I saw it.

In many ways, it wasn’t right for my needs and it was at the top of my price range. It was also snapped up by a more assertive, determined applicant. So, lesson learned and the search is back on.