20th Century British & Contemporary Art
Castlegate House Gallery


4th May, 2015

Over a month has passed since the opening of our exhibition, and it has been really successful. There are two things I can take away from the experience: 1) everyone that I met was generous and kind and I was moved by the people who came up to me who had bought my work and 2) it is very uncomfortable being in a room with all of your own work on the walls. 
The exhibition naturally got me thinking about things and to reflect on the past few months and it seems like an appropriate time to do this as it is also coming up to a year since I left art school. As you know, a year ago I never would have imagined being in the position that I am in now. And since my degree show I have been surfing a big wave that has led me right up to this exhibition, so I’ll admit this sudden break feels odd and unsettling. Whilst there are plenty of things on the horizon, with more painting and more exhibitions, the pace of things has slowed down (although not a lot). I am in the process of having to recreate that energy, that spark that will ignite something for me. Often it’s a matter of retracing my steps and finding another path to lead me off in a new direction…