20th Century British & Contemporary Art
Castlegate House Gallery

Moving out of the City

24th June, 2015

So this will probably be familiar to you, I’m looking for a new studio…again. And I’m writing this in my current studio, getting ready to pack up my things. I’m relocating to my hometown in Wiltshire. London has been good to me but I’m craving some of the scenery and lifestyle that got me excited to paint in the first place. Changing locations heightens your awareness of a place and allows you to refresh and regain a sense of perspective. Yet I am nervous about moving and the impact it will have on my work. While in London I’ve relied on the separation I have from the countryside to influence a lot of my work – it’s been a personal driving force for the last four years. Maybe being back in the place I know best, living it, breathing it, something new will happen. Right now, I’m taking all the ideas and images that have been floating around my head for the last few years and I’m putting them on paper.