Moving On

1st October, 2016

Over the past year, I have relocated out of London and into a new studio. During this period of change, I felt unsettled. I would go into the studio, and push myself to finish something and left everyday feeling like I was at war with myself. In time I found myself exploring a more expansive approach to painting – incorporating collage and mixed media. This way of working is something I have always enjoyed; and I found the process reassuring. I worked with a variety of media; painted paper, photographs and drawings overlaid with ink and oil paint. This led me in a new exciting direction I was keen to pursue, allowing me to strip everything back, to exaggerate what I saw, to intensify colour, to find a particular texture, colour combination or composition and let it drive me. These creative elements coupled with a more intimate scale became the driving force behind this new body of work. I’m excited to share them

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