20th Century British & Contemporary Art
Castlegate House Gallery

Intensely Painting

19th December, 2014

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have been intensely, fervently painting. Now I'm nearing the end of this process, I’m able to reflect on it a bit more and begin to see a full body of work develop. I am grateful that this experience has come around so quickly, with set deadlines and demand for work it has given me very little time to stagnate or over-think things (something I am usually very fond of doing). 

The pace at which I have been making work has been eye-opening. These news works feel more brave and energetic than anything I have made before, and I am excited about share it all with you in just a short few months time! Come January, I will begin to organise my work, make finishing touches and consider titles. I would like to say that everything is beginning to slow down, but for now it's not the case! Everyday I am still keen to create something new.