20th Century British & Contemporary Art
Castlegate House Gallery

Excitement, Nerves..More nerves

12th March, 2015

Two weeks prior to my work being collected for the exhibition, Steve was in my studio looking through work whilst I stood shaking my head as he would point to each piece and ask ‘Is this finished?’

I was at the stage where enthusiasm gives way to doubt and I was struggling to make final decisions about any of my work; the intensity of colour, the different formal elements and the need to get it right, to get the right feeling. You are never going to feel that way again, so you can never repeat it. Talk about pressure. I find it difficult to part with work (and I’ll bet I’m not the only one), but it is significantly easier when a deadline is looming and there is a point at which it must leave the studio!

Having now completed and handed over the work, initial doubt has given way to excitement which has given way to nerves and now anticipation. This exhibition is an incredible opportunity to showcase my work and anything beyond that seems unreal. I haven’t yet to come to terms with it, but I am grateful and I’m excited.