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Jess Pigott

Jessica Pigott
Jessica Pigott

In our search for new art talent, we travel much of the UK and visit countless Art School graduation shows during the course of the year. Much of these travels culminate in varying degrees of disappointment, but now and again, quite the reverse occurs. For the first time, this year I visited Wimbledon College of Arts, and was blown away by the work of Jess (Jessica Pigott). Tucked on the top floor of one of the college buildings, I saw large paintings, very large paintings, with more energy, skill with colour and light/dark and sheer boldness than I've seen in a long time.

We're going to be bringing Jess to the gallery; we're going to be part of her story; it's a story I genuinely feel will have far to go and much recognition to be attained, but for now, we want people to get to know Jess, and feel part of that journey in the way we hope to do. Here's her blog...