8th December, 2014

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!.. Deadlines can be terrifying! And on Saturday 28th March I will be exhibiting alongside Jess Piggott at Castlegate House Gallery. For someone who is just used to bumbling about in the studio, listening to music whilst painting, painting all the time for my own drive, desire and curiosity, it’s daunting… For now I have other humans depending on me to produce 15 paintings for a serious exhibition! Meanwhile I am currently studying old photos of when I was a toddler! Trying to remember what sort of identity I had growing up and what my first ever memory was?! Which I frustratingly can’t seem to do!? So much of “me” goes into my work, that this seems an almost natural extension to that approach. All for now, got things to do!!
Thanks for reading!

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