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My journey to...here

14th November, 2014

It all began on a cold wintry morning driving down a winding country road when my car hit a patch of black ice and spun out of control! The next thing I knew I was sprawled awkwardly against the roof and door which had been crushed by a very large oak tree. I felt a heavy weight on my chest and fought for breath and began to panic as other cars drove by without stopping. Couldn’t they see me! Eventually, a man stopped to check if I was alright. It turned out to be a neighbour who I had never met until that very moment. I was in such tremendous pain with a wide vocabulary of swear words escaping from my mouth and he was very kind in spite of this and waited until my parents showed up, closely followed by the police and ambulance. Heavily sedated with morphine I was taken – slowly – to the hospital where an MRI scan revealed that I had punctured my lung. There were no bones broken but I was kept in overnight in case the lung collapsed.

It was in this moment that pushed me off a comfy precipice and made me revaluate my life properly and what I wanted to achieve in it… and to pass the time whilst I was recovering at home I started to draw… From this I started to draw in larger size, which then eventually led into painting, for the next four years, fulltime. My physical and psychological recovery was helped enormously by my painting; I was almost self- medicating through paint; the visual language helping dissolve away those problems. Now I’m compelled to paint, it’s what drives me forward.