20th Century British & Contemporary Art
Castlegate House Gallery

Counting Down

10th March, 2015

The 12th February 2015 was the day the paintings were delivered to the Gallery. It was a very nervous and yet exciting road trip. Driving a very slow delivery van down through the winding Scottish Border roads and through the scenic Lake District… Holding up large amounts traffic, whilst the poor van was grunting along with its temperamental warning lights flashing off and on, whenever it felt like it! When we finally got to the gallery, we were surrounded by John Bellany and Joan Eardley paintings sitting on the walls!

To have such positive support from the likes of Chris and Steve is always great source of encouragement, which definitely helps with the stress levels! Finally, after the published articles were released in the local newspapers this week, I had friends asking for autographs, followed by a stranger saying, “just dinnae gan cutting yer ear aff Vincent!”…